Fiverr vs Upwork is the most popular phrase among recruiters and the freelancers, but Fiverr and Upwork both are established platforms to hire talent and If you have the talent you can work on both the platform. Freelancing in 2020 – Fiverr Vs Upwork?

We guarantee you that after reading this Fiverr vs Upwork article, you will be able to choose the right platform to hire talent for your business and If you’re a freelancer, you will get to know which platform should you choose to work on while you’re starting out.

Many time businesses hire the wrong person which cost them later. If the person whom you hired doesn’t have the same vision as you, they will make you a great loss.

“Teamwork is the ability to figure together toward a standard vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that permits folk to achieve uncommon results.”


So, Before hiring you have to check them properly, and in this Upwork works pretty well, we will bisect.

“Why is it a better option for someone looking to hire?”

And, If we mention Freelancers, then they’re too frustrated to urge hired by someone especially once they are starting out.

Listen, If you’ve got the skill, people will hire you, just specialize in polishing your skills.

Also, If you’re good at something, Never roll in the hay for free of charge.

You should charge for your services, but if you made the wrong decision in choosing the right platform, you will end up nowhere in your career.

So, I wrote this article in 2 segments, the first segment is written purely for the freelancer so that they can choose the right platform to work on, and the second segment is written for somebody who is looking to rent a Freelancer.

We also compared both the companies side-by-side on both the segment of this article. This segmentation of the article makes it easier for both recruiters and freelancers to navigate.

Now, Let’s jump directly into the comparison of these two platforms, which is Fiverr vs Upwork.

Upwork vs Fiverr – Platform Overview

Upwork and Fiverr both the platform helps companies hire a freelancer during a far more effective way If compared to other options within the market and both the platform has proved themselves in delivering quality work to market. But they work in a very much different way. Let’s have a look at their working process.




Fiverr was started in 2010, and they allow freelancers to create a “Gig”, in their platform, after which companies or the person who is looking to hire someone for a particular work can come to browse a number of the gigs and choose anybody of them to outsource their work.

Here, Freelancers set the expectation of the work, and clients have to adjust their work according to gigs available.

Elance-oDesk relaunched itself as Upwork in 2015, and here clients have the access to set their own expectations.

Companies can create employment explaining their own requirement and freelancers bid on their projects. Companies have the access to accept or reject anyone of them.

Overall, Upwork has the cutting edge benefits over Fiverr in terms of hiring someone.

Common Problems of Freelancers?

First of all, you as a freelancer are too worried to get hired. Listen, If you have the skill you will get hired.

The question here is – Which platform do you have to prefer to work on especially once you are starting out?

But before we choose the right platform, we have to see what are some common problems that freelancers are facing in day-to-day life.

Let’s have a glance at those problems point to point.

No Consistency – You don’t have any work-life balance. Sometimes you get hired and sometimes you don’t. When you don’t get hired, you are frustrated in finding someone to hire you. And when you do get hired, you are frustrated as well because now you have to fulfill their expectation.

No one Believes in you – It’s entirely true. People don’t believe in someone who doesn’t have any experience.

Recruiters want to see just one satisfying sample of your work. If you can’t show your previous work, they’re going to not hire you.

Poor Communication – There are certain types of jobs that require great communication. Like – Programming, Web designing, Copywriting. And if you have a communication problem, then you can’t deliver them the quality work.

Unreliable Cheap clients – I do know there are several clients out there within the market, who first ask you to deliver them the work, and then, they run away without paying you a penny. In this type of scenario, you don’t have any payment protection system.

Now, these are a number of the common problems that freelancers face especially once they are starting out. Now let’s discuss which platform is best for you.

Fiverr for Freelancers

First of all, you don’t have to spend hours or days on Creating your profile, you can easily go onto Fiverr, Setup an account, Create a gig and you are ready to go. You don’t need to pass any test to figure on Fiverr.

Once Gig is made, you only need to sit and need, If someone hires you. It takes time but works well when you don’t have years of experience. You can also see the analytics data report of your gig performance.
Initially, Fiverr allows you to create 7 Gigs at a time.

Here, clients come to your profile then they decide if they ought to hire you or not.


Secure Payment – If someone purchased your gig, then you’ve got the access to simply accept or reject it. If you accept it, then you’ll be paid.

Consistency – You will get a stable flow of work and money here. Yes, when you’re new, you’ll face tons of problems in getting hired, but as you get older, more and more people will hire.

Easy to get started – You don’t need to go through any review process for working on Fiverr. Hence it’s easy to use.

Why Freelancer should and shouldn’t spend his or her time here?

Now, If you’re looking to launch some quick gig, then shut your freelancing business down because success takes time. If you have time to invest then Fiverr is a good option for you.

Second thing is that you will get hired for particular work, clients can’t ask you to do some extra work, If they ask, then they have to pay you more.

Another thing is that you can’t work here on an hourly rate basis, you can only work on a one-time project. This one-time project help freelancer to build their portfolio and receive some great testimonial from different clients.

Whatever experience you will receive from Fiverr, you gotta keep, which further helps you launch somewhere from 3 figure to 5 figure deals.


You can’t connect with your client through a phone or video call.

* Takes too much time to get hired.
* No Consistency when you’re new to Fiverr.

Upwork For Freelancer:


If you don’t have the experience, then you can’t work here. For working in Upwork you would like to first found out your profile completely, then send it for review to the Upwork team.

If they accept, only then you can start bidding on different projects. New Freelancer, usually fail to crack that review part because it’s the hardest.

If you crack the review part of Upwork, then you have to learn a lot about the platform, because it’s not easy to use. Once you’re familiar with the working of Upwork then you can start bidding on projects.

You also need to crack a video verification test and upload all of the official documents of your identity issued by the govt of your country. Here you can work on both fixed-price projects and hourly rate projects.


Payment Protection – Upwork provides you payment protection for both Fixed price and Hourly rate. Once you started working here you will get paid.

Consistency – You can start making money the day you enrolled in this platform, you just have to crack the review and video verification part. Upwork has the potential to provide you as many jobs as you need.

Easy to urge Started – If you’ve got the talents and a few experiences, then it’s easy for you to getting started.

Communication – you’ll communicate together with your client, in text and audio format which makes it easier for you to line the expectation and also helps you in understanding the project in a much better way.

Why Freelancer should and shouldn’t spend his or her time here?

If you’ve got the talents and a few experiences then you’ll launch pretty good gigs quickly at Fiverr and Upwork.

Second thing is that companies come here for quality work only and that they are willing to pay you more if they get quality add a return. They will never invest their money in someone who is a beginner.
Here, clients come to make employment with different requirements. Suppose someone wants an email copywriter, then their job will look something like this –

“I need an email copywriter, who can create and manage all the emails that we send.

Responsibility of person –

Need to write different emails.

Need to come with a unique idea.

You need to manage all the emails that we send out.

Need to build strategies for emails

Have great communication with our team”

So, you see they are not just searching for someone who can just write the email, they also need someone who can build a strategy for their business and manage their email marketing campaign.


You need to pass the verification test of yourself and your skill before you start working on Upwork.

Which Platform Should Freelancers Choose?

Now, If you have gone through the above article, you probably may know that Fiverr is best for beginners and Upwork is best for those who have some experience in their particular industry or field.
People on Upwork are searching for quality work, they aren’t seeking someone who is in their learning phase plus they want different skills within a single person and beginners can’t do that.
But on Fiverr, If you only have one skill you’ll start making money because their client can’t ask to try to do tons of labor together, If they ask they have to pay you more. In Fiverr you set your price, every single thing is in your control.

On Fiverr, you can just have a one-time project, which sometimes creates a problem of instability of work and income flow. Every single time you’ve got to wish If someone hires you.

But on Upwork, a freelancer works on an hourly rate basis and sometimes they find yourself working for years. So, overall Upwork has more stability of labor and income flow, if compared to Fiverr.

So, here are my final thoughts –
If you’re new and don’t have any experience, then accompany Fiverr.
In case, If you’ve got tons of experience, then accompany Upwork.
If you’re neither new nor an expert, then you’ll work on both the platform.
Common Problem Recruiters face while Hiring

Recruiters and Companies make some common mistakes, that costs them later and I know that you also have made some mistakes previously while hiring someone.

Below, I have compared Upwork and Fiverr separately, so that you can come up with your honest decision.

But, before that let’s see some of the common mistakes that companies and recruiters make while hiring someone to outsource their work.

Too Much and Too Little – In 2020, there is too much noise out there in the market, everyone is claiming that he is the industry expert and here you getting tricked which then finishes up in hiring the incorrect person.

Hiring Someone with none Qualification – I do know freelancers, don’t need any degree but albeit you ought to ask them to offer you a link to their portfolio, If they can’t do so means they are not a good fit for your business.

Not setting Clear Expectation – If you made the decision to rent someone then you want to set an expectation for them. You should educate them about the responsibility they need to hold. If you don’t do so freelancers will haven’t any clear idea of your requirement.

Now, let’s see, which platform should you choose to move on with.

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