Why do so many clients think that a freelancer’s services are “pay what you want”?

So let’s deep into “How to get your clients to discuss their budget?”

Several things play into this attitude.

Every client has a different budget.

Every client has a different idea of how much work or time something will take and, therefore, how much it is worth.

Some clients, because they have no idea how much work a task is really worth, try to take the reins when it comes to price so that they aren’t taken advantage of.

Similarly, some clients are easily confused because of the extremely wide range of rates out there. Especially with the rise of freelance marketplaces, they’re aware that there are people charging literally a few dollars for the same task you’re charging 2, 3, 4 zeroes for.

Different clients have different goals. For example, a client who just wants filler content for their website will almost always pay far less than one who wants an expert with a proven track record of generating big-ticket sales.

It’s important to remember, though, that not all clients have this viewpoint.

How you present yourself as a freelancer can go a long way in getting you clients who are willing to pay your rates for your expertise.

How many times have you submitted a proposal?

Then never heard from your prospect again? Or worse, learned that the project was awarded to someone else because your price was too high?

If either of these is a common occurrence, you’re probably wasting valuable time writing proposals you will never win. The only solution is to learn how to distinguish the viable prospects from the deadbeats before you agree to write anything. And that means you have to find out what the prospect’s budget is.

But that’s a problem, because either you’re afraid to ask, or you ask and the response you get is useless. Either way, you’re back to square one. That’s the moment to do something different.

I hope the blog “How to get your clients to discuss their budget?” gave some value added to your life. Keep reading and stay tuned.



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