Wondering what to do or which country is the best to visit in the Covid-19 situation?

Since the emergence of the Covid-19.

The new SARS CoV-2 (the disease) for COVID-19 in late December 2019 from the technological country of Wuhan in China, which later has been dubbed as pandemic globally by the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 11th March 2020.

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Everything around the world has been shattered into an uncertain present and leading us all to a
new normal for the future.

Economies in every continent of the world have been massively hit to their worsts, from sudden inflation to a recession and towards more scarcity of basic resources.

People can’t stop thinking about the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus and trying their best to resist it as much as they can by staying home and keeping everyone safe.

But, in the end, tensions and frustrations to get rid of this disease are growing gradually among people as days are approaching towards more uncertainty.

However, despite all the security measures and remedies, people have started to travel
cautiously in countries where the travel restrictions are well under control and lifted according to
the number of outbreaks reduced.

The following is the list of countries which are safe for
traveling during this pandemic situation:

The first choice should be UAE! The United Arab Emirates is so far regarded as the safest
country to visit during this coronavirus pandemic.

It is basically a good time for travelers to go places in the UAE and especially Dubai for shopping, spending time as a family.

But definitely maintaining all the rules of combating the coronavirus.

UAE has made traveling possible during this tough time for the tourists. This is because only 80% of tourists can travel by plane and land in the UAE to visit their travel destinations.

There are FREE COVID-19 tests for everyone in the airport and once you pass the test, you are a guaranteed free tourist.

Phew, no more problems! Everyone is constantly using face masks and hand gloves after using hand sanitizers regularly.

Moreover, people can travel anywhere in the UAE ensuring their safety protocols and proper
social distancing.

In this way, not only the tourists will be safe, but also the residents and the citizens are more than assured to have a healthy and unharmed life individually.

Moreover, the iconic Burj Al Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building, is more than good enough to attract tourists from all around the globe and that makes UAE an easy pick for the visitors while traveling.

The enthralling rooftop scenery from the Burj Al Khalifa will certainly make your jaws drop and leave you flabbergasted with the 360-degree view of almost the whole city of Dubai.

Nevertheless, if you are a person who boasts the beauty of sunshine and sunset and also sun
tanning during the day.

Jumeirah Beach in Dubai should be your go-to place to relax and embrace the calmness of nature to follow up on the celebration of summer days.

The sandy beach has a lot to offer for everyone, from sumptuous Instagram clicks to random snaps for your Snapchats, along with regular Facebook updates and sparkling Messenger stories with friends and family.

You can also go diving at will when the time is right as per instructors from the sea beach police and security guards.

Not to forget the everlasting desert of Dubai is a wanderlust for the nomads.

Tourists should only keep the hygiene factor in mind since the weather stays way too humid during the summer.

New Zealand- It is a place of wholesome natural wonders with scenic landscapes all around the
island nation surrounded by the Tasman Sea.

The country is neighbor to the much-hyped Australia which dubs itself as one of the largest countries in the world.

During the outbreak of the coronavirus from Jan 2020 to June 2020, New Zealand has cautiously managed to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

The country has been declared as one of the safest countries to visit during the lockdown, provided that the surge of the outbreak of viruses must be taken into consideration for visitors from different countries.

A protocol to process the quick check-up of the COVID-19 test for tourists has been released. Although the country has not notified anything about the immigration of people to visit New Zealand yet, it is
certain that the government will welcome guests anytime soon once they pass the coveted
health test.

The monumental visits to places like Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Mount Maunganui,
Auckland, etc will make you enriched with the memories of epic histories right from the past till
the present.

The Kiwis are famous for rugby and surely you can have a short trip to the rugby stadiums near the cities.

New Zealand is known for being a dark horse in cricket and can be visited in COVID.

You can even go to cricket stadiums as well.

People are very friendly and you have a good time to spend with once you have a known friend or a guide.

But, at first, to pass the coronavirus test with a negative; the result is a must.

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Croatia – It is the land of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Runners Up

It is basically a small nation in Europe surrounded by lakes and rivers and valleys.

Nature has blessed this place enough for the tourists to make an awe-inspiring entry. Definitely, you need a Schengen VISA to head on to Croatia.

After all, Shenzhen VISA makes the lives of travelers easier by giving access to all the EU countries including Croatia.

The civilization of the modern Croatian history inspires millions to travel and get the vibe of life from every corner.

Travelling is easier over there, as there are no severe restrictions once you provide the Certificate of  No-Coronavirus.

The trip to Croatia is quite affordable compared to the rest of Europe due to the compact population it has.

So, let me know from which of the following countries you will get onto first? Happy traveling!

Written By Sharif Noor Alauddin

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